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Exotic Pet Rescue

Lokai Rose stands as a devoted 501(c)(3) nonprofit exotic pet rescue, deeply committed to providing exceptional daily and veterinary care to animals in need. Our unwavering dedication is reflected in our policy of not purchasing, breeding, or selling exotic animals; instead, we focus on aiding those who have been abandoned, surrendered, or face challenging medical circumstances. At Lokai Rose, the health and safety of our unique residents take precedence, as we tirelessly work to secure loving forever homes for each one.


Our mission extends beyond rescue to include education and compassion, especially for those remarkable animals that are often overlooked or misunderstood. With the belief that "everything has a purpose," we aim to dispel myths and fears surrounding exotic pets. Through the charisma of our beloved ambassador animals, we strive to change perceptions and hearts, fostering respect for all creatures, no matter how small or misunderstood.

Exotic Pet Adoption

The unique animals in our care have specialized needs that are rarely correctly portrayed at traditional pet stores. As a result, many first-time exotic pet owners find themselves unprepared and unequipped to handle the responsibility of the animal that they have already purchased. This leads to an extremely high rate of exotic pet surrenders and often overloads the few exotic pet rescues that are able to help. 

Through comprehensive educational programming and a regimented adoption process, it is our goal goal is not only to dissuade potential owners from acquiring exotic pets impulsively, but also to support those who are genuinely interested in providing proper care. Education and awareness play a key role in fostering a responsible and ethical approach to exotic pet ownership.

Available For Adoption

Lokai Rose is committed to making sure that all of the rescues that come into our care are adopted into safe, well prepared forever homes. We have developed a comprehensive adoption application specifically designed to help us determine each potential adopter's level of experience, pet ownership intentions, and adoption preparedness. 

Lokai Rose is more than happy to help first-time (and experienced) exotic pet owners adequately prepare for their prospective rescue. However, in some cases, experience with certain species is required. Regardless, it is important that all potential adoptees do their own updated research before applying. If you are unsure of where to begin with your research or need reputable sources, please don't hesitate to email us at It is best to do as much research as possible before filling out this application so you are better prepared to answer all of the questions.


Ella - Crested Gecko


Raya - Snow Corn Snake


Yoshi Moroccan Uromastyx

Barbie - Ball Python

Viper - Ball Python


Bluey - Blue Tongue Skink

Buzz & Woody - Fancy Rats


Skipper - Ball Python

Merida - Bearded Dragon


Peach - Leopard Gecko

IMG_0211 2.heic

Daisy - Leopard Gecko


Martin - Leopard Gecko

Adoption Testimonials

Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 11.52.29 AM.png
“We would like to thank Lokai Rose for bringing this beautiful girl Martini into our lives.  Tina, Amanda, Sammie and all the volunteers are amazing not only because they rescue animals in need, they rescue animals that are over looked by many because they are different.  These important creatures are just as valuable to our environment and deserve to be protected and appreciated. Thank you so much for all you do and for bringing awareness to all the animals you rescue.”
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