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School Programs

We strive to enhance environmental and life science education through hands-on, interactive experiences with wildlife that align with state education standards. Lokai Rose is much more than a one-day field trip or simple "check-mark" next to a list of standards. Research has revealed an ever-growing gap between human beings and nature; a heartbreaking phenomenon known as 'Nature-Deficit Disorder.' Our programs are not only designed to spark a passion for nature in the minds of students, but also to close the gap that has been growing between the two.


Lokai Rose helps parents and schools find actionable ways to incorporate nature into children's lives. Not only do we bring environmental experiences and animal encounters right to you, but we also come equipped with the tools necessary to continue learning beyond the classroom. This helps encourage children and parents to become more involved in programs that emphasize nature-based learning topics for everyone. We strongly encourage all of our audiences to share their takeaways from our programs with friends, family, and fellow educators for an ever-lasting impression.

Please pardon our appearance as our website is under construction.
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